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What are the Galileo interviews?
The Galileo Interviews are the brainchild of Chuck Creteau in 2016 and currently in production. They are interview/documentaries with people who have a story to tell Society. Their story is around experiences they have had in their life, that contradicts the narratives we are led to believe in every day life. Examples include many topics that we call "Paranormal", but in truth, may be normal. Examples include encounters with ufos, aliens and many other experiences that people immediatly label as "crazy" or "impossible" and dismiss. Today we in mainstream Society are influenced tremendously by pop culture and a media that silences the stories of everyday people.
Of primary interest are stories that question our understanding of reality, consciousness, time and demensions.
I am convinced that we as a race still have a lot to learn, and sometimes the best way to learn is through others experiences.
Today more then ever, people are afraid of speaking openly about the amazing experiences they have out of fear of ridicule. I intend on gathering the strong, brave and confident people that are not afraid of going on camera, explaining their experiences to the world, and show the human interest story behind all people. Hopefully some of the people you will meet, will help you talk to others about your experiences. My intent is to create social change within our Society so that we begin to better examine the meaning of life and reality.

Galileo was persecuted for telling the truth about how the galaxy worked and had to fight societies norms to show the world his truths. Today I hope to help other see that we have a lot to still learn about our reality. Please help support my work by word of mouth and by watching my interviews with real people who have had fascinating experiences.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned...

Chuck Creteau

Co Founder of Seacoast Saucers Of New England and origionator of The Galileo Interviews

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