Dean has been inducted into the Seacoast Saucers family as an honorary member, he is an amazing wealth of knowledge on sightings here on the Seacoast.

 Team Members

Valerie  is an accomplished author, an Empathic Psychic Medium, a paranormal researcher and investigator, and an energy worker. Her interest in Ufology started primarily on the spiritual side and includes whether or not beings from other worlds have anything to do with the mysteries of our world. She is a valuable asset to the team, with her array of talents and is often sought out by other paranormal groups in need of assistance.

 Our Founders

Mike Stevens

Valerie Lofaso Roy

Charles has been interested and researched the UFO & Alien phenomena since the age of 11 when his father disclosed a close encounter around 1976 in/around the Exeter NH area.  A lifelong resident of New Hampshire and Maine, Charles has a BA in Criminology, Associates in Law enforcement, is a LSW and has held a private investigators license. He has over 12 years’ experience professionally interviewing people and working with the state government agencies in New England.
                He has been a guest on “As you wish” talk radio with James Gilliland, is a regular guest on "Spirit Chasers Radio" and has traveled to many well-known and UFO related hot spots such as Roswell New Mexico, famed ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake Washington and even Mexico in search of information.  He is the current co-host for Social Saucers, a monthly meet up group dedicated to having healthy non-judgmental conversations around the topic of Aliens and UFO’s. 

Dean Merchant


Mike is a seasoned paranormal researcher and investigator with the Kitt Research Initiative. He has worked to change the stigma surrounding the abduction phenomena by promoting public awareness of the subject, & by encouraging and supporting other experiencers.  He was the initiating force behind the NH historical marker for Betty and Barney Hill’s UFO encounter. Mike has been interviewed by  newspapers, television, and radio about his involvement in the paranormal and UFO communities locally as well as internationally.

​Please note; Mike is no longer associated with Seacoast Saucers (10/21/17)

Visit www.GraniteSky.Org to reach Mike.

Charles Creteau

Son-E is the official mascot of Seacoast Saucers. He is the most popular member at our events and often keeps the rest of the team on their toes with his antics.

We are currently in the process of training several new members to meet our growing demands, and they will be listed here shortly.