Private Sessions:
 We provide personal support for both individuals and families who have had experiences. If you are looking for support in dealing with your experiences but aren’t comfortable in a group setting, we could meet privately to talk. We value your confidentiality and will not share any information without consent.

Please Note our event schedule is sometimes influenced by external events. Please check our MeetUp page before heading to an event as it may have been rescheduled

 Talking Saucers:
Saucers is  our most popular and visited event and we recommend all members and interested people in the community attend. This is a 2 hour open talk about anything UFO or Alien related. We cover questions, experiences, thoughts and general knowledge and interest. It is held the 2nd Friday of the month from 7pm - 9PM at the Raven~Wolf Center, 3 Front Street [Lower Mill] #422 · Rollinsford, NH. Talking Saucers is an open to the public group discussion on many different aspects of Ufology. It is a great way to meet the team and others with an interest in the subject matter.  To register for this please visit our link to the website where you can sign up for a meeting and RSVP for free. 

Investigations and Case Studies:
The Seacoast Saucers team is equipped and experienced in investigating a multitude of different types of investigation. Including UFO’s, Paranormal Hauntings, Cryptid Cases, and Spiritual Clearings. We also create case studies for ongoing cases. Whatever your need, we are here to help.

Sky watch & Contact Gatherings

Seacoast Saucers is available to host your Contact gatherings or Sky watch. Call us for further information.

Speaking Engagements
We love raising awareness around the subject of Ufology and the Abduction Phenomenon. We would love to speak at your event. We are available for both large and small groups,  public or private. 

Please visit our Event Page at for more information on our Gatherings and Meetings. 

Email us at with questions or to schedule other services.


We currently hold the majority of our meetups at the Raven-Wolf Center located at 3 Front Street [Lower Mill] #422 · Rollinsford, NH